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La Raza Cósmica and Other Myths: Telling the Truth About Race Thru Latinx Poetics

  • AWP Portland - Oregon Convention Center (map)
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The diversity of Latinx racial experience defies easy categorization. European colonization produced a hemisphere riddled with caste, vexed by color, and afflicted by an adoration of whiteness. Imperialism, diasporas, and borders only complicate; overlaying power structure over power structure, erasing and muddling convoluted. This panel will explore the poetics that might best communicate the nuanced reality of our raza cósmica, and to try to re-imagine the Americas through poetry.

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to Dec 7

Writing Workshop on Migration

This is a free write workshop that I will be facilitating Wednesday December 5, 6 and 7th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This workshop is sponsored by CantoMundo, Frontline Arts, MobilePrint Power, La Morada. Additional support from Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race and School of General Studies’ Office of Student Life. Free and Open to the Public.

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Self Care as Activism: Activism as Art

  • BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (map)
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Self Care as Activism:: Activism as Art


How do we as women care for ourselves? How do we engage in acts of self-care & how do our ritualistic practices steep into our writing & service our art? As Audre Lorde stated: caring for an act of political warfare. The idea of self-care as self-preservation is so powerful, how can it not become a part of how we protect ourselves? In this workshop, we will look at the poems of Aracelis Girmay, June Jordan, Patricia Smith, Vanessa Angelica, Elizabeth Acevedo & others. We will engage imagery, imagination & all our senses to create art that can be a roadmap or an answer to these vital questions:
How do we care for our bodies?
How do we make magic?
How do we daydream & how does dreaming allow us to create a better world for ourselves?

The objective is to write our way to a better future and actualize self-love on the page.

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6:30 PM18:30

Poets for Puerto Rico, 2017

We are asking for a $20 donation for this event. All proceeds will go to a grassroots organization supporting 1) artists 2) sustainable living (food, environment).

"Poetry has been one of the best forms of resistance I've known, even if, on some nights, it will not serve. As we move from relief to recovery, please come out and support." - Willie Perdomo

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1:00 PM13:00

Eat A Pink Owl

I will be performing a few poems in conversation with Tamar Ettun's Gallery Show: Eat a Pink Owl. Other poets including Christina Olivares, Maria Fernanda Snellings and Carina Del Valle Schorske will also be in attendance. Do Not Miss This!

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